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I'm blessed to have worked with such incredible students over the years. Please take a look at these personal testimonials to the acting work we've done together....


Neela Ranganathan

mother of son, Aditya, 18


"Sonya: an inspiration. She must have worked some magic on my teenage son's public speaking skills. In the span of a summer, he has morphed from an intense though lovable ball of energy to an elegant, commanding stage presence. As his nuanced cadences hush the room and win audience admiration, I whisper silent gratitude: Sonya, a million thanks!"

Jenny De Jong

mother of Jessica De Jong


"Our family had the honor of working with Sonya Cooke during our daughter's Junior year of high school, in preparation for college auditions for Musical Theatre. I was truly at a loss for direction before working with Sonya; all I knew was I had a child with a strong passion and love for what she wanted to do. Sonya gave us an anchor, direction, and encouragement. Her lessons were inspiring for my daughter, and challenged her to reach deep inside for what she wanted to achieve. I was amazed at the results that kind of work produced, and it ultimately allowed Jessica to attend a dream program that has been the perfect fit for her. Sonya is intelligent and introspective. She mentored Jess with compassion, while at the same time, professionally guiding her through lessons of great depth and scope."

Lisa Cepeda

mother of Alexa Cepeda


Sonya worked with Alexa through her final years in high school. She coached her in private lessons and helped shape and craft her material for college auditions. Alexa always came back from her lessons inspired and lighthearted--Sonya instilled a sense of confidence in Alexa that motivated her to work harder and believe in her talent. Sonya shared her vast knowledge and wisdoms with generosity and a kind spirit, moving Alexa forward as a more well-rounded and sincere actress.

Kevin Young

As a result of my work with Sonya Cooke, I was able to overcome several
serious personal obstacles, such as my anxiety towards auditioning, in
order to score my first callback at UCI's Megas auditions.  Her training
left me feeling both more prepared and confident in my abilities as an

Anthony Fontana

Sonya Cooke is a fantastic instructor! Not only is she very knowledgeable about the industry, but she is extremely passionate about each of her students and their success. Sonya is an amazingly talented colleague and has helped me not only with acting, but also with freeing up my speaking voice. Through our work together, I feel more confident and prepared to be able to give tours for the Walt Disney Company. You will not find a better coach in the Orange County area, she is a true gem!

Jennelle Wax


Sonya is the BEST acting coach! First of all, she really knows her stuff. She is amazingly intelligent, thoughtful, and insightful. Sonya gives me the tools to work in any discipline--theater, t.v., and film and my training with her is high-level, professional quality. I came to her to work on an audition for a theatrical role. With her help, I ended up landing the role and went on to win an award from the theater for the best "leading role" performance of their season. I really enjoy working with Sonya and I feel that I've learned a lot from her. I give Sonya my highest recommendation.

Kelly Doran

Sonya has been my coach for the past 2 and 1/2 years, and she's been an immense help to me. She's given me a firm grounding in vocal technique, knowing how to approach a script or a monologue, knowing what to pick for auditions, and even knowing my type. She has amazing monologue recommendations too! Sonya has been extremely open and available and present for the whole time I've worked with her. I could not recommend her strongly enough, she's amazing.

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