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Cutting-edge, comprehensive, and effective, Seven Pillars Acting empowers the actor to transform into character with ease and authenticity. Inspired by the great acting teachers of the last century, Seven Pillars Acting is a modern method that provides a structured set of tools and a dependable process to access and cultivate talent. With many students of the technique now working in the entertainment industry, Seven Pillars Acting is changing the way actors approach the craft. Each pillar focuses in on a different aspect of acting; added together, they give the actor the complete skills necessary to book a callback, land the part, and deliver a performance that is both effortless and true. Young actors and seasoned performers alike not only gain a clear concept of acting, they also begin or reenergize their professional acting careers in film, television, and theater. It is the goal of Seven Pillars Acting to instill in actors a technique that they can practice for a lifetime, without needing a teacher or guru to handhold the artist. The first comprehensive technique in the past thirty years, Seven Pillars Acting is for the serious actor who seeks a personal, dependable, and thrilling approach to crafting character. 

Editorial Reviews 

"This is a practical handbook for solving acting problems. It's not just for entry level actors; it's helpful no matter what your experience is. Seven Pillars Acting was helpful to me."
Mike Starr, over 200 film/tv credits, including Goodfellas

"Seven Pillars Acting is comprehensive outline to the craft of acting. Its progression of exercises integrate many different approaches to acting, creating a step-by-step guide from listening and simple presence to camera-ready performance. Sonya Cooke‘s writing is very clear as she describes in detail the many elements an actor can use to make his work both truthful and dependable."
―Stephen Wangh, author of An Acrobat of the Heart and The Heart of Teaching

Customer Reviews

"I taught Seven Pillars Acting for the first time (using this book) in my acting class this semester. Overall, my students LOVED it! They particularly enjoyed how clear Sonya is in her writing, demystifying several topics and questions that are common for actors at all stages in their training. Whether you're brand new to acting or have been in the business for several years, this is a great book to have on your shelf!"

"I love that this technique is by a woman, that it synthesizes much of the training I've already had but in a way that is fresh, new, and accessible, and that this is so inexpensive. This technique is great for beginners, college-educated, and professionals. It incorporates seven fundamental and intuitive pillars for actors to strengthen their craft and reach new depths in their work, be it comedy or drama, stage or film. Seven Pillars Acting is the future of actors' techniques. Get it now and take your craft to the next and highest level!"

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